Wednesday, January 1, 2014

clear and a new year.

a couple of days after christmas i took a walk. it was almost the new year, it was clear. a baby seal pup and the mom and dad followed me along as i walked. they kept peeking up at me to see where i was. people walked slowly, even the ocean seemed quiet that day.
this beach allows trucks to explore too. i love the imprints of tires in the sand. lines that go forward, outward, to where they are going, and lines that come in, from where they've been.

the waves and the marks they left behind mimicked the sky and the few clouds that were there. the sky was quiet too. this is my edge, it's where i go to get clear, to stay clear. it's where i go to remember things and it's where i go to forget things. this day seemed extra clear.

now it is the new year! i hope this new year is just as clear. i hope that yours is too! enjoy...

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