Friday, January 3, 2014

let's think leisure furniture. why not?

so this is what's going on...there's a foot of snow on the ground in my part of the world (no, really, there is!). and it's still snowing. yeah. now you understand my let's think leisure posts, my get ready for garden decor posts, my let's imagine we're sitting outside in the warm sun posts...
while i'm doing this imagining...i wanted to share this line offered up by skargaarden, who boasts "furniture for tranquility" as one of their main logos. tranquility is good.

skargaarden also admits they have a philosophy that runs true through their company, which incorporates all of their product line: "an ambition to make uncomplicated beauty with intricate detail and expert craftsmanship." so there you have it...great design, great looking design, all in an effort to help our "i'm out in the warm sun" imagination posts...i'm out in the warm sun, i'm out in the warm sun...enjoy!

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