Friday, September 20, 2013

happy friday!

happy friday friends! where are you going? what are you doing this weekend?

i'm getting excited lately about lots of things. i've booked a trip to tennessee next month. my father passed away last here, story here. so i've decided to head back to tennessee where he grew up and try to take in the area and appreciate it how he saw it, to understand why he loved it so much. i will be going through his treasures, and while that's not a happy time necessarily, i am excited to see his long time girlfriend and to have a different kind of experience there than last year. there will be picnics in the mountains planned, lots of wine drinking and talks around his koi pond.

i also have an interview with this teaching program this weekend. i'm excited to go through the process so far and see where it takes me. i've been in search of doing something meaningful with my degree and this is a certain start to that thought process.

plus we've been having killer summer weather in september! so.....i'm feeling lucky and excited lately. i hope you have lots to look forward to and lots to enjoy this weekend coming up!

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Tehmina said...

Sorry to hear about your father.I am really looking forward to hear all about your experiences at Tennessee.