Monday, September 23, 2013

gearing up for colder weather...

as i still dream of fireplaces (i've always wanted one. always!), i love this summer-toward-winter design element offered up by pennyweight goods...
created in nashville tennessee by clark heldman for pennyweight goods, this tennessee burled oak and cedar driftwood is both evocative of the left over summer feelings, memories & sensations you've stored away, but also begins to stimulate the senses to fall and winter coming along. lit candles are encouraged to drip and create their own landscape over time.

especially if you live in a city apartment where you are not in a position to actually light a fireplace, the addition of one of clark's candelabras will offer a little bit of that warm feeling you are looking for.

i hope you all had a super relaxing weekend! enjoy your monday!

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