Thursday, September 19, 2013

dana frankfort.

i'm inspired today by the color in dana frankfort's paintings...
dana incorporates widely brushed text, letters into her abstract and emotional landscapes. can you see the words "huh" or "either way"? when adding pieces of art into your residential or commercial spaces, of course you want to ask yourself, can i imagine this hanging on my wall or walls for a long time if not forever. if not, it's not for you. if it is an easy decision then go for it. and i say go large. at least sometimes. sometimes one wall, one large piece of art, hung in a very dramatic fashion is all you need.

i still dream of my wall of nothing but paintings of the ocean, in different mediums differing shapes and sizes, different frames even. all of nothing but the ocean. that will one day be a dramatic wall(scape). and i can't wait! enjoy...

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