Friday, March 8, 2013

leather & brass. lighting that is...

this line of "crush" pendant lighting offered up by simon hasan has my heart skipping a beat. plus he's paired leather & brass. so, now it's racing...
here's a little bit about how these lights are crafted and where the inspiration comes from: "this lamp uses a 15th century crafts process where leather is moulded and hardened through the careful application of moisture and heat, resulting in a semi-structural material with a patinaed finish. the crushed leather is inspired by the action of hydraulic presses and contrasts with the refined mirror polished brass reflector. Slight variations in tone and shape evidence the hand-crafted nature of this item."

there is something so pure and so beautiful and wonderful about pairing these two materials, mediums. add in great design and you have something special. you have crush pendant lights.

hey friends, have a great weekend why don't ya! what are you up to? i'm researching for a paper that i have due soon. in between planting myself at starbucks or the library, i hope to sip some red wine, sleep a little late and breeaaathe...enjoy!

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