Friday, March 8, 2013

vases & vessels. as light as air.

happy friday friends! in hopes of spring, and daydreaming of gardening, flowers and all things pretty, i've stumbled upon some amazing vases & vessels as of late. and they, while all unique, exquisitely sculptural and individually interesting, all equally appear to be as light as air...
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each vase comes from a special designer, artist or site. click on the corresponding numbers above if any interest you and want to seek them out, or more of where that came from.

i've decided this year that peonies are going to be a current theme in my spaces. they are my absolute favorite flower. now, just to decide on a favorite vase or vessel. it's also fun to mix them up. and that's more my style anyway.

do you have a favorite holding place or space for your flowers? i'd love to hear...enjoy!

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