Saturday, March 9, 2013

inspired hand-made furniture.

this saturday morning, i'm enjoying the decadent style of what amy somerville offers. amy's designs cross the boundaries between lines of precision to curves of sensuality. amy boasts of "adding depth and soul to the contemporary." she does that by employing a variety of textures, shapes, patterns and rich color palettes. and she does that all very well.

i very much enjoy coming across artists/designers who teeter on the cusp of cutting edge, or in fact tease us with a particular edginess, yet their designs stand the test of time. they are timeless. their beauty and design please us, endlessly. amy's designs do that.

how is your saturday starting off? i'm sipping coffee at my favorite french cafe this morning. recovering from being battered by sleet, rain and snow for days and crossing my fingers that the sun comes out...i hope you enjoy!

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