Tuesday, March 12, 2013


so i had this conversation with someone today. someone whose opinion i really care about. about direction. about choice. about choosing the brightest future, and being patient until it comes...
i'm in graduate school, in my last course actually. and i'm in graduate school at harvard, a very good school. right? and the waiting game of where this will lead me, which direction it will take me, what kind of future it will afford me is sometimes hard to take. it's hard to be patient. but i will try. i will try to choose the brightest future. because why would you choose anything else? right?

what about you? do you have times, things in your life that are hard to wait for? accomplishments that you are in a hurry to see some reward for. for you all of your hard work? i'd love to hear...that way i won't feel so alone ;) enjoy...

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