Wednesday, March 13, 2013

innovative lighting. jonas edvard.

i'm loving today the innovative lighting line that jonas edvard is creating. jonas states that he "finds reason for doing and making in the relationship between matter and existence. in the meeting of expectations, feelings and the experience of the surface." i love the way jonas asks you to consider the "experience of the surface."
when designing spaces, residential or commercial, two of my favorite elements to add to spaces/places are lighting and texture. jonas incorporates both, and incorporates both in an exceptional way.

each is evocative of an individual work of art. unique in his material/design combination. unique in the ways in which he depicts light. the ways in which he chooses to project light. light affects your spaces. it can control moods, it can set moods.

in my graduate course last night, the topic of light came up, but in a very different context. it is something that is ancient and modern and the very same time. there was discussion about what light means historically and to today. we discussed light in culture, from japan to china to america. today...i'm enjoying the ways in which jonas edvard discusses light. enjoy!

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