Tuesday, March 12, 2013

take a line for a walk. moroso.

ok, so we all know moroso. the name. the line. the fact that moroso houses some of the most talented designers and creates some of the most cutting edge product line for residential or commercial choices and impact. but as of late, this "take a line for a walk" lounge chair, designed by alfredo haberli and offered up by moroso has me considering a multitude of possibilities...
they vary in color palette, materials and beckon you to cocoon yourself, to wrap up and shut the rest of the world out. to just be. to be in the moment. any moment. moroso describes the experience of these chairs as an "archaic yet extremely modern visual force."

if you are in search of "protection" and by that i mean just escaping from everyone and everything for even just a little while, plant yourself down in one of these. i think they would be my go~to space. seriously, they would, like all of the time. enjoy!

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