Saturday, February 16, 2013

nikari. well made wooden furniture.

this finnish furniture line, nikari is making me nostalgic for a trip taken. a few years ago now i visited finland and a friend there. i only had time for a one week stay, but i fell in love with the culture and finnish design style. and all of the wonderful outdoor cafes! fins cannot wait to get outside once the weather is finally warmer and my friend and i were no exception as i had flown there in the spring.
this well made furniture is evocative of true finnish style and the designs, as nikari states are "deeply rooted in nordic tradition." nikari goes further in its intention... acknowledging that their design concept is "restrained and serene" and that the design "respects the essence of wood."

i seem to be in a stage of simplifying my life but also drawn to simply beautiful design such as these pieces offered up by nikari. what design styles have you been craving as of late? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

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