Friday, February 15, 2013


happy friday friends! you made it through another week! i hope your week, and your valentine's day were everything you hoped it would be. i wanted to share with you some soft lines and bright color to end the week. and conveniently this company's name is softline...
i'm very drawn to the extreme simplicity of shape in each piece. softline describes what they offer as "designer functional." this furniture is super fun for a friday because if you are looking around at your spaces, residential or commercial and noticing that you really need the addition of a piece that's unusual, innovative, interesting or maybe you only need it for the color it adds, then softline is a great place to start.

how are you today? i was feeling a touch run down and tired the last couple of days. but yesterday, i went for a sunset run (even though didn't want to) and it gave me a boost that i was desperately needing. plus it was beautiful. i'm off to have lunch with my son today near his college. i hope you have a really great friday and are getting ready for an even better weekend...enjoy!

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