Sunday, February 17, 2013

about julie kouamo.

happy sunday friends! how are you? i'm taking a break...looking out from the warmth and safety of one of my favorite bookstores, sipping on hot coffee, to a very snowy day. high winds and snow flying everywhere. we've had a snowy winter in new england but a pretty one because of it.

i wanted to share with you a special find. textile designer julie kouamo. with french and camaroonian roots, julie's textile pieces flow from "figurative to abstract" and are bold, emotional designs. oh, and i love them!
i am also super drawn to the style of these chairs. how the fabric transforms them, adds to them. giving each piece a unique character, feel and sense of being in the spaces they are inevitably placed and enjoyed. i'd like to walk into a room and see julie's textiles every day. that would make me smile. enjoy!

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