Monday, September 24, 2012

mixing it up. art by jennifer sanchez.

these mixed media original paintings, collages & screenprints by new york based jennifer sanchez have my head swimming. with color, pattern, texture, color over texture, pattern over color, texture over pattern. ok, i'll stop. but really...i am intrigued and inspired by jennifer's work. plus, i want one ;)
perfect monday afternoon kick start...don't you think? i imagine one of jennifer's works large, hanging over a farm table, in a vintage~esque kitchen or dining room. just to throw it off, to alarm it, to transform it, to compliment it, in every brilliant way possible. so brilliant. enjoy!

p.s. new kimbra sound/video under my likes & listens tab. this will get you going this monday! thanks to singature style's blog for sharing ;)

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