Tuesday, September 25, 2012

now. for fall.

for fall, i'm drawn to some of the rugs & the color palettes and natural patterns offered up by now. from rich tones, to subtle references to rain, to ocean waves, to stones & clouds. and after all, how can you go wrong bringing a little bit of nature, indoors?
i'm a wood floor person, so incorporating rugs here are there for warmth, for texture, for added interest is perfect. check out more of what now has in store for this upcoming (no, wait, we're in it already!) fall season, here.

how are you this tuesday morning? as a reluctant giver-uper of summer, i've been fighting the coming of fall, but the weather has been so completely gorgeous that i'm letting summer go, i'm running outside more, i'm sleeping better with the cool crisp air. i love fall. there i said it. ok, now i'm good. bring on the tights and boots ;) enjoy...

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