Monday, September 24, 2012

holla monday! & hinged mirrors.

i've said it before (so i'll say it again!) i'm one of those strange people who loves mondays. i find them promising, exciting and they have me wondering what the week has in store for me. how can that not be exciting? you know what's also exciting? these incredibley beautiful brass hinged mirrors by morie nishimura.
it's also exciting to read how nishimura views tools, such as mirrors and how human beings have come to interact/use them. nishimura notes that "tools have become very much tied to the philosophical sensibility of human beings."

and that he now seeks "to revive the idea of having respect for these simple objects and to rebuild the relationship between our society and the tools we have come to take for granted."

too deep for mirrors or for monday? nah, just plain cool that's all. enjoy!