Thursday, May 3, 2012

paula & paula tables. mid~day light & airy.

this mid~day, almost friday, i'm super drawn the light and airy nature that these paula & paula tables offer to any space. and the differing heights offers interest and a playful quality to any lackluster area. plus they're just plain cool.
how are you this afternoon, this almost friday and on this weekend is nearly in sight kind of day? i'm heading out for a run, even though i'm super sleepy having stayed up all week pulling together and typing last minute papers for my courses. i'm hoping for a much needed boost of fresh air to keep me going. i'm also off to boston later for one more course meeting. in between all of that, i plan on listening to some music, zoning out and indulging in some sort of coffee concoction while i drive.

i hope that this mid~day finds you energized and inspired...enjoy!