Thursday, May 3, 2012

alma lights. i love them in white.

every now and then, as i'm persuing the pages of lighting companies, the simplicity of white grabs me, and doesn't quite let me go. these alma lights do that to me. there is something about white anyway, don't you think? it's timeless, classic, always easy on the eyes, ethereal and romantic. i think that if i had an indecisive client, whether it be for a residential or commercial space, i'd suggest white. and never look back...
when it comes to either floor lamps or hanging, or even table lamps, what is your preference? do you enjoy mixing up the shades throughout your spaces, or do you stick with one theme or color palette throughout your home or commercial space? i definitely am a mix it up kind of girl.

i was recently at ikea with my son, and he spotted this small little lampshade with (in the ikea images it's the one to the far left), it looks like tokyo, all over it. when it lights up, the whole city lights up. it's really small but actually fits on an old vintage light that i have. i posted a photo of it on my twitter feed a while back if you want to check it out here. there is something about it that makes me smile. i love how it pairs with this older light but i also love that my son picked it out more. ;) enjoy!

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Canvas Art said...

I love the free standing light in picture 4 - very stylish!