Friday, May 4, 2012

the genius house. & happy friday friends!

so, if you are going to call a house the genius house, then you have my attention. bates masi architects built this genius loci house in montauk new york. it was featured on the contemporist too, here. and the views? not even funny...have a look.
(click on images to enlarge the view)
there is so much about this home that i really enjoy. from the total incorporation into and around the natural environment, to the transparent nature of the interior. another words, even though areas or rooms are partitioned off, some are with slotted floating walls, and even when there are solid walls, they seem unobtrusive and out of the way. the rooms flow, from one into another, similarly to the natural environment in and surrounded by which they reside. and by the way, take a look at bates masi's website here. the slide show of their portfolio will have your jaw propped wide open for a while...

and then there's the sky. the sky outdoors seems to stretch somehow, right through the house, as if it never really ends once you're inside. i love that. and the views? can we talk about the views my friends? so, there, with those views, especially the last image's view. i want that this friday. i want so light a candle or two, pour some red wine and sit and just stare. care to join me? ;) enjoy...