Tuesday, April 10, 2012

mid~day tuesday & speaking of color...

i know i'm posting alot about color these days but there is something about this spring and upcoming summer that has me all kinds of giddy for color. and if you know me, i'm a play it safe and where black, grey and neutral colors, alot, kind of girl. so it's sort of freeing in a way to purchase color, or florals or patterns mixing color. this afternoon, i was taken with these tones of yellow. soft, feminine and easy breezy summery.

aren't these gorge? ah, yeah. i hope that this mid~day tuesday, you are feeling it, you are getting things done and happy about it. ;)

i forced myself on another run, to boost my energy for this sudden lack of sleep i'm experiencing. i'd love to slip into any of these frocks to settle down and get comfy though. have a great rest of your day! enjoy...

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