Wednesday, April 11, 2012

speaking of plants & a slim jim table

since i'm on sort of a plant kick today, i thought i'd share a really fabulous table, this slim jim table by roland graf and offered up by fredericia furniture. topped with a variety of your favorite plants, and with the addition of natural wood & steel, this combination is pow and wow for adding in that green element you've been searching for.

in my living room there is an african violet that has always done pretty well. i have a few new additions, plants i took on from someone else. they were on their last legs when i received them. but you know what i do? i actually talk to them, (every day, not kidding!) and pay attention to them, and you know what else? they are coming back to life big~time. remember, they are alive like us, and we like to be talked to sweetly too. just saying...

a few more things to check off of my list today for my trip and then i'm in "i can't wait to see my dad and sit around drinking red wine with him mode." yeah, that's right! enjoy the rest of this mid~day wednesday friends ;)

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Toile de Jouy said...

Very inspirational pictures. Have a great time with your dad!