Tuesday, April 10, 2012

brave walls. going for pattern & color.

are you daring? in any way shape or form? i'm somewhere in the middle and lean to the more daring side, than away from it. color doesn't scare me. and you know what? it's just color, you can change it anytime you'd like. on that note, i just love what mikkel kure has done with his apartment, featured on bolig magasinet. and the use of all that blue? calm, cool & collected is what i say about that.

doesn't this space, from one blue toned room to another, somehow draw you in, sort of like diving into some sort of serenity pool? it does that for me, and i love it!

happy tuesday morning friends! how are you? i'm working on a slight lack of sleep (not sure why but NOT sleeping well) so dozing in the sun while reading for my courses this week is probably going to happen whether i can control it or not ;) i hope this morning finds you rested and inspired. be daring. and enjoy!


Sing said...

Yes, love it. I'm in search of affordable removable wallpaper for my bathroom. Any ideas?


beautiful pictures...beautiful blog!!!