Monday, April 9, 2012

markus amm. mid~day art & color

this mid~day monday, i'm taken over by the use of color and by markus amm. i believe this is oil on gesso/board. imagine utilizing one of markus's pieces, very large, alone on one wall, in a residential or commercial space. and to just let the use of color completely transfix the space. transfix you? so powerful.

works like this can really temper a space, quiet it, offer a mood or a glow. offer emotion or take it away. i love adding artwork to spaces, all spaces and i love this work by markus amm.

getting a run in this monday...check. going over my lecture notes...check. clearing my head of a million things i have to do and a million things i want to do, working on that check. i hope your monday is really a great monday. if not, maybe the calm of beautiful artwork like this will help you along, enjoy!!

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