Monday, April 9, 2012

monday & pleat box lights.

this monday, i wanted to share with you, another amazing line of lighting, offered up by marset. marset offers a variety of lighting, but these pleat box pendants are my favorite. a digitally designed crease, applied to cloth, of which the silhouette is formed around a ceramic base. add in a gold interior to the pleat box shade, and my friends, you have yourselves a warm glow that will transform any space, residential or commercial...

love, love, love these! i love form interrupted, altered, sculpted, pinched like that, creased, in a beautiful non~perfect way, that ends up, well, perfect.

how was your weekend friends? mine was low key and relaxing. sipped some red wine, ate too much, you know, the usual. but all good! i hope this monday finds you motivated, rested and inspired...enjoy ;)

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