Thursday, March 8, 2012

slowly becoming an icon. mid~day curiosity

we all see them. they are all around us these days. surveillance cameras. well, on that note, and with a bit of fun mixed in, the site human since 1982 (i love that title!) features a chandelier, made in the mode of surveillance cameras, yet its very non~invasive, it's only lighting.

i think in many ways that the surveillance camera really is becoming an icon or symbol of our time. as my fiance loves to say, "they keep honest people honest."

true. but however you feel about them when they really are peering down on you as you travel through life, this play on the fixture that has become a part of our time, is brilliant. artistic, sculptural. and would certainly make for an amazing conversation piece in any residential or commercial space.

whether you are in shot of the camera today or out of range, enjoy the rest of this mid~day almost friday friends!

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