Friday, March 9, 2012

it's friday! and softly ana kras

hey hey for friday! the winding down of a busy week for all of us. on that note, i wanted to share some soft loveliness from the site of ana kras. i've featured one of her pieces in the past, her "hive lamp", seen in the 5th image below.

but there is so much more to enjoy about ana kras. and her designs. there is a certain softness they evoke, to me anyway. have a look...

born in belgrade serbia in 1984, ana kras gets down right creative. from her "moon tables," (which you can purchase here) seen in the 2nd image, with their rotating colored glass tops, to her clothing rack, perfectly suited for small spaces. or perhaps just to display amazing fashion finds! even if you have the room, right? i love that!

i just really like ana kras's line of imaginative product, unique working mediums and the quiet softness her product offers. perfect for a friday design wind down.
(oh, and the lamp in the last image, comes just with a frame for a shade, you are supposed to fit over the frame, anything you'd like, for a more personally created design)

so happy friday! are you gearing up for an easy day & a fun night? i'd love to hear. i'm heading off mid~afternoon to pick my son up from college for his (and mine. yes!) spring break from courses. so that's awesome. tonight we are planning a giant past night for him since the pasta (and sauce) at his college is, let's just say, not quite up to par. ;) enjoy!

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