Thursday, March 8, 2012

and then there was red

i love the unexpected color impact red can make in residential or commercial design. it's such a bold color, that you don't see it often and you don't see it in (usually anyway) large amounts. i'm drawn to these spaces today for the little (or alot) of red that enters in to each space. quietly to a little more loudly. but all just so perfectly.

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a few years back now, my mother and sister purchased this bold, yet deep red chair for me from ikea. it wasn't large, it was the perfect size for my little cottage at the time (which was pink. no, it really was. the. cottage. was. pink.). placed inside my tiny living room it was the the piece that really stood out. it brought a positive energy to the space.

what about you? do you own anything red in your home, design~wise? and if so, what is it that you love about incorporating in that color? i'd love to hear. for now, have a really great start to your almost friday friends! i'm off to type a paper, wipe the cobwebs out of my eyes from getting home late last night, and to just all around get to it! enjoy...

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Callie Grayson said...

Throw pillows. I am pretty boring with the red bit.
Have a wonderful day!