Thursday, March 29, 2012

lighting & line, mid~day lighting love

these spool lamps, offered up by lucente have my mid~day inspiration attention. the elegance of all of that white, the easy, simple design. and then as if to not drawn too much attention, yet it can't help but draw much of the attention, is that little line, that intriguing element of color, pleasantly interrupting all of that white space. just really fabulous lighting.

there is something very retro and very modern about these lucente lamps, all at the same time. for me, these would be super fresh and inviting in a kitchen space, residential or commercial. somehow industrial & utilitarian, somehow not.

heading up to boston again for a course meeting. my sister is coming along for the ride to keep me company so that will make it more fun. perhaps a glass of wine together afterwards is in order? most likely it will be. ;) enjoy the rest of your almost friday friends!

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