Thursday, March 29, 2012

marrakesh. crazy for this tile.

this almost friday, i wanted to talk about quick and instant face lifts. not the face kind, but the interior design kind. just like paint can do, provide that instant face lift for any space, residential or commercial, giving it a burst of pizazz, a new feel, a new mood, so too can adding in or changing out flooring. and with these fresh, super interesting tile ideas offered up by marrakesh, how could you even hesitate...

aren't these new styles by marrakesh out of this world gorgeous for spring and summer style? ah, yeah. inspired by classical arabic geometry, this flooring option is stunning. marrakesh has collaborated on this line with claesson koivisto rune (another fab find) to bring a hard to describe in words, set of designs.

hey, hey! how are you today? i'm still working on getting my energy level up. not sure why, but this week i'm dragging my body around a bit. i will definitely try for a run today to help the energy level get up there ;) i have another class tonight, then a weekend ahead where my son will be home from college. looking forward to that. i hope this almost friday morning finds you in a positive, inspired place. enjoy!

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