Friday, March 30, 2012

quasar. exclusive. creative. inventive.

by now most of you know that when it comes to design, i'm a complete lighting junkie. quasar satisfies my lighting curiosity this friday morning by offering an interesting, complex and decadent line of lighting. here are a few of my hand picked favorites for you...

and how about quasar's use of options regarding materials used? from feathers, to lace~like mesh, to metals like copper and glass, tons of glass. i'm still amazed every day, on every level, when i stop and consider the design options our there. all of the talented artists, designers, conceptual artists, so much goes into really great design. it's complicated but really it can be just so simple. these lights are truly fixtures of fancy, fancy lighting that is.

happy friday friends! i'm still running on empty but the weekend is in my sights. i'm off again today to pluck my son from his college campus and bring him home, feed him, finish watching a movie (this) that we started last time he was here, stay up too late, and eat a giant breakfast with him in the morning. can't wait! i hope your plans are exciting, relaxing and just plain great for this weekend...enjoy!!

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Sing said...

Really cool. I like the cooper colored one.