Monday, March 5, 2012

getting bright, getting bold. mid~day inspiration

this mid~day monday, i'm energized and inspired by the intense, bold and daring color & pattern combinations coming out of basso & brooke's 2012 spring "power prints" line and print tuft and fold's pillow combinations. basso and brooke have an amazing catwalk line of images of more fashion choices here.

two new~to~me companies getting me excited for spring and summer. for design, for fashion, for what seems to be an upcoming year of color, color and more color! i love that!

how does this mid~day monday find you? i've been hunkered in, reviewing course materials and getting organized. or trying to ;) our monday goal in this house too, is to figure out why my next door neighbor keeps tripping the breaker box in her apartment, all. weekend. long. ugh! which means it affects our electricity. yeah. electricians are supposed to be on it today. i hope so, because i think i've reset the clocks in my house enough times over the last 2 days. yikes! have a great rest of your day friends....enjoy!

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