Tuesday, March 6, 2012

castor. re~contextualization of materials.

i wanted to share with you this tuesday, design meets artwork meets designers meets artists meets re~purposed materials meets fabulous. castor, made up of a toronto based team, brian richer & kei ng, believe that bringing a re~use and a re~contextualization to materials is a number one priority. and it just so happens that as they do that, they are creating some eye popping pieces. here are a few of my favorite creations currently from castor. have a look...

i love how this hanging chandelier cannot help but always be an original. group together burnt out bulbs, of all colors, shapes and sizes and then, light the whole group from within. sculptural, inventive and individually original. think of the sizes and shapes you could form in building a light like this!

i love this take on the swing light or above the desk or beside the bed wall light. made from recycled muffler parts. super inventive!

interesting for indoor or outdoor spaces, the castor stool, made for a single slab of limestone and chiseled away to resemble a gnawed tree. i really love the look and i really love the medium.

take used fluorescent tube lights and light them from within. and voila! you have this fabulous hanging tube light. the light can also be made to stand on a desk or the floor. so fun.

pendant lights from recycled fire extinguishers. ah, yeah, that's right. the lights are finished in a high gloss automotive paint.

the curve chair, made from a rolled aluminum body, leather cushion and turned white oak legs. sexy pretty!

castor offers a new take on "one man's trash is another man's treasure." or in this case, art. i really like companies and designers like castor. they see beyond the new, beyond the typical materials used in design and remind us that anything goes. i love that!

i hope your tuesday is starting off positively, that you are in a energetic and inspired mood. and if not, i hope that viewing what the team at castor is doing helped get you there! enjoy...

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