Tuesday, March 6, 2012

portability mid~day find

this mid~day tuesday, i'm loving these little portable and mix and match storage units offered up by gaspard graulich. each little box or unit can be attached to any color, or any length of these color coated metal stands. i just think you could go crazy with fun deciding where to place them or what to store in them or on them. don't you think they're clever?

i sometimes really love the non~permanent~ness (my word) of objects when incorporating them into spaces. that they are mobile, that they can be broken down. or temporary or permanent if you'd like. but what i really love are the choice(s) they offer.

how is this mid~day treating you? wow, the day is getting away from me and fast. seems like i've only completed a bit of what i really wanted to so far and it's lunch time! yikes, i better get going! enjoy the rest of your day friends ;)

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