Monday, March 5, 2012

mminterier & monday

mminteriers is upholstered furniture. their product is about quality materials, "refined shape solutions" creating a modern~classic timeless product. transitioning easily from residential to commercial, mminterier's product line captured my attention with their bold, solid colors, the simplicity yet intriguing movement in the lines of each piece and the flirty, inviting nature as the essence of their design. interesting monday design eye~candy.

originating in the czech republic, mminterier's sculptural in shape product line has been capturing the attention of a world wide audience. and i can see why. really, just fabulous design. i discovered mminterier via 100% design's site in the uk, featuring up and coming, to well known, but always unique designers. a great go~to resource if you are in the market for fresh inspiration or product.

happy monday friends! how was your weekend? i'd love to hear, ours was busy but fun. i have a bit of catching up to do, course~wise (what else is new ;) so i'm getting right to it. i hope your day starts out fresh and inspiring! enjoy...

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