Wednesday, February 8, 2012

repeating lines

this mid~day, i'm drawn to repeating lines. and these in particular. there is something so pleasing about lines that repeat. they are comforting in some way, in some design sense of way. and they are easy on my sleepy eyes this mid~day!

1 2 3
now i want to rifle through my closet for a sweater to wrap up in close in style to this one. soooooo comfy right? how is your mid~day wednesday turning out? are you in hectic mode or cruising right along? i'd love to hear! off to classes soon, it will be a long but super inspiring day for me. enjoy ;)

p.s. i posted a new video under my likes & listens tab. this will get you (and me!)going today!

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Sing said...

That cardigan looks so cozy.