Wednesday, February 8, 2012

frama. scandinavian meets european

you can see it can't you? the two styles converging, influencing one another, producing beautiful effects, wondrous design. frama, a fabulous company collaborating with a mix of unique and ferociously talented designers, from scandinavia to europe makes for very good design. have a look...

i love that while perusing their pages, i came across some of my favorite recent design cravings and designers. frama really goes to great lengths to hand pick people who are doing things just a little bit differently. and why not? that's the way it should be in my opinion! i love that....

so last night we were out driving around and the full moon was just appearing over buildings and it seemed larger than life, orange, then fading to very white. didn't it just seem closer to the earth than ever? just so gorgeous. but, with full moons comes lack of sleep for this girl. i don't know if i get it in my head that it's going to happen or if it is more scientific than that. at any rate, as i woke this morning and saw it fading behind the trees, i did glare at it a little for keeping me up ;) enjoy your day everyone! i'm off to read before class tonight, sleepily.

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