Thursday, February 9, 2012

LA house. where i want to spend today

i came across this house via yatzer. it's a studio guilherme torres house, designed by a brazilian architectural firm in 2009. the couple's wishes, were to eliminate the small existing spaces and the traditional partitions which can break up much of the space. to "break the paradigm" as the architect put it. the result? with its brazilian teak facade...spectacular (and fun!). have a look...

that larger than life blue ottoman/pouf/coffee table in the center of that big bright space, with all of that sun streaming in? today i want to be there, surrounded by books and magazines. i'd drift off now and then, absorbed in course work, or design materials for a dream job. at night, i'd perch myself on the edge, surrounded by cheese and bread, all spread out on a pretty silver tray, a glass of red wine in my hand. the next morning i'd take my breakfast outdoors, beside the pool. home~made croissants (chocolate) and rich coffee. the new york times for dessert. want to join me? great! yeah, that's what i'm talking about. just so much fun!

happy almost friday friends! we're almost there, the week is almost drawing to a close. this week, i've been enjoying alot of reading for my courses, poking in a few stores while in boston and overall feeling pretty energetic this week. how about you? how are you? i'd love to hear...enjoy!!

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