Thursday, January 26, 2012

creased. pigment prints

this mid~day, my mood is perfectly set to these creased archival pigment prints offered up by artist john houck. there is something so perfectly mysterious about them. as if the folds open. to reveal things.

how imaginative is it to create new takes on simple intentions? it is equally amazing to me and always has been, just what texture can do. to anything really. from lighting to furniture to wall treatments, to artwork. texture transforms any direction. the minute texture is applied, similar to color, a new direction is set. i love that!

happy mid~day inspiration. what are you up to? i'm behind the computer working on course work. then i'm hitting the couch soon to read for my two classes. yeah, it's that kind of day! tomorrow i'll run, today i read. ;) enjoy the rest of your day!

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