Friday, January 27, 2012

iacoli & mcallister. one part exploration

seattle based iacoli & mcallister describes their design process as "one part exploration, one part learning curve, one part affection, one part sheer strife and one part caffeine." so great...

i absolutely love the daring quirkiness of iacoli & mcallister's product. iacoli & mcallister lists their inspiration as: "having a table saw 20 ft. from our desk, the sun, the way things smell, & thunderstorms." they list more fabulous inspiration besides those, just a fun read, you can definitely tell that they love what they are doing. and i love that!

happy friday friends! you've done it, you've (we've) made it to another weekend, and yeah for that ;) what are you up to this weekend? anything fun or amazing? hmmm, i have coursework to keep up with, but around that, i'm planning to enjoy a glass of red wine and stare out at the ocean from one of my favorite sitting areas inside a cape cod inn. seriously amazing views. especially if it's stormy like today, even better. enjoy!

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Sing said...

Those lamps are really fun.