Thursday, January 26, 2012

matemo tables. emotion meets freshness

i'm drawn this almost friday to the sleek freshness of matemo's designs, and their tables in particular. sexy, sharp, soft, matemo "was born out of the joint creative efforts of product designer yves richartzhagen and fashion designer melissa vitanza. you can definitely see the collaborative effort, of innovative product design meets edgy, sensual fashion. the combination makes for intriguing sensitivities.

my imagination darts this morning from low lit night club corners to a sunny miami penthouse apartment while considering the possibilities for any or all of matemo's tables. topped with glasses of wine or bowls of fruit, they are equally stunning. plus the music playing on their website is almost hypnotic. or am i just sleep deprived from my classes last night? not sure, but either way, i was inclined dance around in my kitchen this morning because of it.

happy almost friday friends! what is on your agenda for today? i'm still attempting to wake up, planning my day, catching up with course work (yes, already!) and running a few errands. i hope your day is starting out as inspring as these tables...enjoy!

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MATEMO team said...

Thanks for the comments about our Matemo tables.
It's very nice & cool.Merci beaucoup