Wednesday, November 2, 2011

mineheart wallpaper & trompe l'oeil

ok, are you guys ready for this? this is wallpaper at perhaps its trompe l'oeil best. ornate, decorative, classic and subtle all rolled into big wallpaper roles of designer goodness. based out of england and offered up by mineheart, this company was only launched as recently as 2010 and with a playful innovative approach to design and wallpaper. have a look...

the chesterfield button back wallpaper is, i think, my favorite. i think it's because to me, it's the one that fools you the most. very 3 dimensional and i can see this in so many spaces, both residential or commercial. i just love it!
metal gate inspired, this wallpaper style evokes large, rich metal lace for a light, romantic feel.

the trend for bookshelves is sorting by color all of your favorite books. how about all white, for an ethereal yet crisp clean look? and for an even more minimalistic look, place them on a white bookshelf. remember, this is wallpaper friends! wow.

how about the look of equisitely ornate gates, wrought iron beautiful creating a "mysterious yet sophisticated look."

white paneling wallpaper inspired by georgian architecture for a classy classic look.

create you own instant reading room, equipped with vintage books and shelves.

roughly painted white wooden planks complete with nail holes for that cottage/shabby chic look.

so they had me at trompe l'oeil and they'll keep me at amazing. i would suggest any of these fab wall treatments for residential or commercial interiors no problem. whether they are hung on a single wall or an entire room. really the possibilities are endless. don't you think? would you want a treatment like this from mineheart in your home? your office, your restaurant, hotel or nightclub? sheesh, these are just so versatile it's not even funny. enjoy!

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