Tuesday, November 1, 2011

getting ready for winter with color. and lots of it.

i'm thirsty for rich color lately, deep, bright, infused into fabrics like velvet and corduroy, painted on mediums such as wood or canvas. just surround me in rich color lately and i'm all a glow. here is a small roundup of some things, color combinations, designers and product i'm longing for...

rich color in fashion, from blouses to shoes to draped in fur, for a more decadent look. i'm ready for winter but i'm also ready to add that splash of deep rich color to boost my winter spirits. this fab outfit via minoutfit.

artist gemma smith offers up the most wonderfully bright and abstract sculptures as well as a series of tangle paintings, also fluid and wonderful in their line and depth and brush stroke. perfect for that needed color pizazz to any space, residential or commercial.

this is a color i'm finding myself very drawn to these days. not intentionally red or orange but somewhere in the middle. a scorched color, warm and inviting. this rumi chair offered up by karre design, the shape and color alone drawn you in.

designers dan yeffet and lucie koldova have created, among other delights, this line of "muffin lamps." rich in color with those wooden bases. inspired by product in french boulangeries, they exude rich color and thoughts of deliciously warm muffin tops, lovely and fun!

sometimes it's daring but really fun to pick one large piece and just go bold, rich and bright. it becomes a piece that draws you in, it anchors a space and it infiltrates an otherwise traditional or drab space in need of a boost, that bright or rich bang. this one via bolig magasinet.

a very cool and new~to~me company is chaplins. chock full of designer love, but for rich color, these round "bantie paradis" multi~color cushions stopped me right there...the line, the color, the textural element with the added pompoms, just so pretty.

i love these drinking glasses offered up by plastica but inspired by finnish artist timo termo. encased with a rich, bright, spiral silicone layer, for extra grip and for extra gorgeous.

rich color streams from these textural mesh lamps created by horgan becket. very unusual, very rich lighting.

what about you? have you made a recent rich or bright color purchase as of late? if so, i'd love to hear what you were drawn to. i find i'm even painting my nails these days in dark reds, to offset my growingly paler skin as winter approaches. but the change is welcome, all the way around. it's the color of the autumn leaves right now though that has me captured and is definitely inspiring me for more and more color. enjoy!

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Sing said...

I like that magenta bookcase.