Thursday, November 3, 2011

make it yours.

i have to say, i've never been much of a monogrammed person. meaning, i don't own anything with a monogram on it nor have i ever really wanted anything with a monogram on it. but lately, i'm noticing some new takes, spins, objects, and looks incorporating monograms and they are starting to make a believer out of me.

let's start off with martha, stewart that is and this diy embroidered monogrammed pillows. i absolutely love the way these have been sewn, talk about a new take on the monogram. try your hand at it here.

these monogrammed stacked rings are just super sweet and what a great gift idea? find these beauties at tinahdee's etsy site.

another fab find on etsy are these wickedly cute monogrammed pins, hand made to order and another fun gift idea. stocking stuffers? these via rene kucharchuck.

of course anthropologie does just about everything in a fantastic way, but i really like how they've added these rather unassuming lowercase fonts to their monogramming of these mugs. and i prefer lowercase letters, they are somehow more soft. love these!

these napkins are fun, because of the pattern and incorporating a subtle monogram right into the mix. a very welcome and personal touch for your guests at the table, and to your family. via.

i really like the non-traditional look of these electronic cases and covers adorned with one single monogram. the monograms add a bit of warmth to otherwise cold contraptions. these offered up by west elm. oh, and they're very reasonably priced!

pillows. now you certainly don't need an entire couch covered in monogrammed pillows, that would look a bit strange, but one, even perhaps the largest one on your couch, adds a personal touch to that space. via.

so many great ideas here and as we (quickly) approach the christmas season, so many unusual ways of approaching the monogram.

are you into monograms? what do you own with your personal monogram on it? i'd love to hear...enjoy!


Kellie Collis said...

These are beautiful! Fabulous monograms! Have a delightful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

Tamara Styles said...

long time no see...hope all is well. gorg pillows. the one with the m reminds me of the dallas mavericks for some reason.