Wednesday, November 9, 2011

life space journey.

can i tell you that australia is putting out some fun and special items as of late? really they are! from seating to lighting, companies like life space journey have my attention and i'm finding myself looking at alot of really great product design in australia these days.

the first item i noticed over at life space journey were these spun lights. i loved the soft metal shape and feel that these lights evoked. the subtle shine they exude. i can imagine multiple amounts of these hung at varying heights in a residential or commercial space or one single one hanging high or low in either space. easy on the eyes lighting.

these star picket stool side tables i selected because of their textural offering to a space. bumpy, cut, rigid and just plain fabulous additions to perhaps spaces chock full of soft edges, these tables would offest that and add alot of interesting.

i had to include these shuttle cock stools as they are whisical, fun and would make just plain ol' great conversation pieces once added to your spaces, residential or commercial.

again here, with this geometric light, life space journey is mixing up elements, putting a protective cage, large, around a tiny, fragile single bulb, it's eye catching and captivates you to look up, to follow the lines, to enjoy the textural element added to the space. really intriguing.

this chair, life space journey has named the full moon chair and is photographed by gian do. i really like alot the mixing of mediums, here mixing wood with metal. everytime a designer does this, it stops me. it's interesting to your eye and in your spaces.

i adore the simplicity both in color and shape of these spun tables by life space journey. if your spaces are in need of some quiet pieces, these would do the trick!

i love the industrial, exposed line and bones effect of this random chair as life space journey calls it. you could outfit this chair with pillows, cushions or just leave it plain, sculptural, essential in nature, adding texture, line and intrigue to your spaces.

much of what life space journey offers is fun, a bit quirky and industrial, so perhaps you don't want to fill your whole home or commercial space entirely with their product. but if you really think about it, do you really want to fill your entire home or commercial space with product from one source? no. so take a piece here, a piece there, put together an interesting eclectic space, some old, some new and add in a conversation piece every now and then, or at least once. keep your spaces interesting, you'll be glad you did. ;) enjoy...

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