Thursday, November 10, 2011

so much green.

today is drizzly rain and grey skies in my area. so when i happened upon all of this wonderful green and light, it just about made my morning. i'll carry it with me today.

so this is where i'm at today. i have a mid~term in one of my graduate classes. so i'll be driving to class in the rain (blah, but there's NPR so, salvation), toting my notes, books, laptop and computer and crossing my fingers as i walk to class ;) my plan you ask? finish the coffee and organic waffles i'm eating at the moment, STUDY, stay in my pj's while i STUDY, listen to the rain while i STUDY. then, in boston, consume a mocha (with whipped cream, (because i'll deserve it by then) and stay calm and carry on as they say.

where are you at today? how is your day starting off? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

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