Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i know i've visited space furniture's site before for stimulation and inspiration, but do i remember them offering up such beautiful options? i must have needed more coffee last visit because, as you can see from just a few of what i've selected to feature today, most things are just jaw dropping and your head will soon be swimming with design goodness...

this diamond is a mirror my friends, ah yeah. i want that. don't you? talk about doing mirrors differently, the "brillante" mirror with it's many cuts and shaped crystal is a girl's dream. at least this girl!

i usually go for styles of sofas that are weighty, thick, close to the floor, with rich fabrics and neutral color palettes. but this "febo" sofa offered up by space and designed by antonio citterio had me at legs, it had me at plum and it had me at fabric or leather. it's just so darn pretty too!

just when you think you've seen every style imaginable for an armchair, designers like noe duchaufour create this "derby" chair for space. the lines, the flow of it all, the sexy feminine style mixed with the masculine leather siding makes for a more than intriguing chair. even one placed in your living space would knock your socks off. seriously, it would...

among the rugs space offers, i was drawn to the lines and the simple black and white character of this stig rug. i love patterns that drawn you in and force your eye to keep moving, taking you from one part of the space to another, over and over. it's interesting and exciting. yes, a rug can be exciting!

i've posted before about glass and glass tables. to be honest, i'm not usually a fan of alot of glass around, as i can find it cold if too much of it is used in design. but this atlas table, designed by danny lane, stopped me with its curved glass top and sculpted cut legs. absolutely a piece that would be the talk of any space. and i imagine that anything you place on top would only reflect, shine and accentuate it even more.

not everyone is entering winter like i am in my part of the world. so if you're spaces remain in the sun & warmth year round (or even part of the year like me), consider space's canasta outdoor line. let the light in, through the cut holes, let it bounce off of the bright white surfaces. these would glow in the sun, and in turn, you'd glow in the sun ;)

as for making a bigtime lighting statement, space's raimond light is definitely a pick. designed by raimond puts for mooi and now for space, this light is a show stopper.

now that i've had this wonderful design boost today, i feel game for anything. i'm tempted toward creative color palettes, materials and out of this world styles today. it already feels like a creative day, like the kind of day when you do something amazing. i hope you're having a day like that too! enjoy...

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Pop Champagne said...

wow that purple couch is beautiful! I love it!