Tuesday, November 22, 2011

leolux. i just really like them. ok, alot.

it started with these amazing little tables. "gozo" lounge tables to be more specific. flowing, curving and soft. but that's leolux's entire line, they are all so soft and sensual and beautiful. i just want to grab one, put my arms around it and squeeze it, oh, then sit and fall asleep in or on it. ;) have a look...

influenced by danish and italian design, leolux originated in 1934 and brothers jan and ton sanders took it from there. leolux is now "a serious player in the modern furniture market" and in a tough economy, leolux relies on its creativity to "turn the tide."

i think what i love most about leolux's designs are that while they obviously appear luxurious, decadent and simply organic, because of all of that, they aren't intimidating pieces in any way. they are soooo easy on the eyes. and i have to tell you, place one of these pieces in either your residential or commercial spaces and you and your guests will gravitate (or float) towards them. just lovely! enjoy...

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