Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bathroom wellness.

ah, i wasn't going to post about bathrooms, wellness, or sinks today. really, i wasn't. but these little beauties stopped me and i just wanted to share. if you are remodeling a bathroom or building a new home, or renovating a commercial space, just how darn cute are these? so cute that's what!

find them through villeroy & boch like i did. oh, even if you had a children's bathroom, really fun and really perfect!

ok, now i'm checking on your pre-thanksgiving stress...how are you holding up? yesterday we raked leaves, prepared our outdoor fire pit for a nice, slow burning fire all thanksgiving day for those who want to venture out to work off turkey and get some fresh air. i love having fires going. today, i'm wrapping up more class work and then waiting for my son to come home from college. a glass of red wine tonight will be just fine as i begin to simmer down and look forward to thanksgiving day. what are you doing? what are your thanksgiving day plans...i'd love to hear! enjoy...

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