Tuesday, November 29, 2011

last night's sunset.

as the day begins to wind down today, and as the sun begins to set a little bit earlier each day, i wanted to share my experience last night...as i took a sunset break from working on a paper, hopped in the shower and ran out the door with my camera, walking just down the street from my house. i'm lucky to have these views so close by. and the sky.

i think i took about 100 pictures (ah, i'm not kidding!) because as i sat in the beach grass, looking through my camera lens up toward the sky, i swear it kept changing right before my eyes. we all get so busy and forget to run out the door, just down the street and watch the show that nature puts on for us every night. i'm glad i took a much needed break, for this was my reward. enjoy!

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Sing said...

Wonderful shots!